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    2. โปรแกรม บอล พรุ่งนี้ ราคา ต่อ รอง ส่งเงินจริง

      Nobody should be forced to choose between paying for groceries and paying for the medition they need.
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      nada’s unions join Unifor’s ll to end 60-day lockout

      OTTAWA – After a 60-day lockout of refinery workers in Regina that has included picket lines and arrests, nada’s unions are lling for this lockout to end. The nadian Labour Congress (CLC) and Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) reaffirmed their commitment and solidarity with Unifor Lol 594 workers who are ready to bargain a fair deal. “The union has demonstrated…
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      nada’s unions ll for fairness to mark Black History Month

      To mark Black History Month this year, nada’s unions ll on the government to take meaningful actions to address the disparities in employment for Black workers. Statistics show workers of colour are more likely to be employed in prerious, low-wage jobs with no benefits. These workers also have higher unemployment rates. In fact, the unemployment rate of Black women is…
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      nada’s Unions remember third anniversary of Quebec mosque attack

      Hassan Yussuff, President of the nadian Labour Congress issued the following statement: “nada’s unions stand with the Muslim community today as we mark three years since the deadly attack on a Quebec City mosque. Our hearts are with the community of Quebec City’s Islamic Cultural Centre, and across nada and to the friends and families of the six men killed…
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      What We re About

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      Permanent Residence for “Out-of-Status” Construction Workers in the GTA

      The nadian Labour Congress (CLC) is proud to be working with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship nada (IRCC) to implement a temporary initiative that will help 500 out-of-status construction workers find a pathway to permanent residence that will end the insecure nature of their employment and immigration status. Out-of-status workers are people who have come to nada with valid temporary residence status, but have fallen out of status for various reasons, and have found employment in the construction industry. Without status,…
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      What unions do

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      CLC’s 2019 Q3 Labour Market Snapshot shows need for national child re strategy

      OTTAWA – Recently released Statistics nada data shows that women identify child re and family responsibilities as their main barrier to full-time employment, concludes a recent Labour Force Survey analysis by the nadian Labour Congress (CLC). Part-time jobs in nada are typilly low-wage with no benefits. The gap between part-time and full-time wage earners currently sits at approximately $9 per…
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      A historic step towards greater protections for workers around the world

      nada’s unions join workers everywhere in celebrating today’s historic adoption of a new International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention and Recommendation addressing violence and harassment in the world of work. After over a year of negotiations with governments, employers, and workers, the Centenary International Labour Conference adopted the new framework at its convention in Geneva. “It is a historic day,” said…
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      Islamophobia at work requires immediate action, say nada’s unions

      nada’s unions are proud to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination with the release of a ground-breaking report on the impacts of Islamophobia in the workplace. Islamophobia at Work: Challenges and Opportunities explores the rise of anti-Muslim attitudes and discrimination in nada. It provides recommendations for employers, trade unions, and government on how to address this…
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      Unions Begin With You

      When workers unite, they make things better for everyone.

      Build Worker Power

      The labour movement was created by people standing up together for fair wages, safe workplaces and decent work hours.

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      People Working Together

      Organizing a union in your workplace is about getting more rights and more power.

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      Strengthen Our Communities

      Workers in unions are an important part of the lol community and economy beuse that’s where they spend their paycheques.

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      Done Waiting: Sign the petitionWomen in nada are done waiting.

      End wage discrimination. End sexual harassment and violence. Fix the child re crisis. Make work fair.

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